Bermuda Cruise 

May 11-16, 2008 

   Our anniversary is May 4th and Janice's birthday is May 9th, Jay found a great deal on a five night Bermuda Cruise leaving May 11th .

   The weather was not very pleasant, temperature was about the same as if we had stayed home and we had wind the whole time we were at sea. It rained hard the second day in Bermuda, both of our shore excursions got cancelled. The shore excursion we took on the first day barely got us back to the ship in time, so we never got a chance to do any shopping.

   The trip home was the worst; wind, rain and high seas. This cut the ship's speed back from 22 knots to 9-12 knots. The ship was cutting through 20 to 30 foot high waves and it was rolling pretty good. The stairways were decorated with barf bags. And they were disappearing too. When we got to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, we had a medivac for a very sick woman.  We didn't dock until 11PM so we stayed an extra night on board. This is not the norm and we've gone on many crisues since then and had a marvelous time.