Kitchen Remodeling


Starting the next saga to the house; remodeling the kitchen. So before I start, a couple of pictures of what it looks like before the work starts...


Followed by a little bit of progress, like the new French Doors; and a piece of history... Maybe, the old RC bottle might be worth something in another 50 years or so. Anyway, I left it there and covered it back in the wall.

Now for some more progress... if that is what you can call it. Stapling the underlayment wiped me out, over 1,000 staples; all pounded in by hand. Now my blister has a blister! 


  Cabinets got delivered, and I wasn't quite ready yet. Still got some framing and electrical work to do. But the work is progressing...

Getting the bulkheads and sheetrock finished and ready for painting. Still a couple of days away, and Janice is decorating the yard for Christmas! (Nov. 24, 2006)



 Painting for where the cabinets will be is DONE! I even got the first ceiling fan installed. Everything is out of the kitchen, (mostly). The floor is going to be installed on the second day after the above pictures were taken, (Dec. 16th). Who knows, maybe we will have a kitchen again by Christmas!

 Last two pictures from above: The second ceiling fan is up and the whole floor has been cleared for the floor installers. Yes! The floor goes tomorrow!


The floor is in and I have started un-boxing the cabinets.                


Progress has been slow with the Holidays and work. Finally got most of the cabinets installed. Went to pick up the sink and found out that Home Depot and Lowes don't stock the style we like. Had to shop around at the plumbing supply houses and finally found one. Then came the next surprise, the standpipe for the drain is too high the accomodate a garbage disposal. The next three pictures show the plumbing. First is a drain that just ain't going to work. Second picture is a drain that I pieced together and leaked in four places. Then I thought to myself, why do I need to do the drain in chrome? So, I ripped it out and put the drain together using PVC. Turned the water on and the drain works fine, but the supply lines leak! I'm getting tired of surprises...



   Coming down to the finish line! Got the last of the cabinets installed, AND the glass inserts for the hutch. All that is left to do is the scribe moulding and toekicks. Yeah! (I am almost done. Right, something else will break or need to be worked on. Can't win...)